Mutevole is an original collection introducing unique features and new finishes, attuned to the needs of the market and to its latest trends.
Thanks to its basic lines and to the possible changes in depth, the collection meets any space requirement, and its elements offer the possibility to create several compositions and versatile solutions.
What makes the Mutevole collection truly innovative is the possibility to customize every element of the composition and to create flexible combinations for any context: the reversible modules can be installed according to the personal taste and requirements. You can choose between vertical or horizontal wood grain orientation and lacquered doors in your favourite colours for original and unique solutions.
The distinguishing feature of Mutevole is the union between wood and metal, the latter being included in many elements and components of the collection (handle, decorative leg, shelves, junction elements and wall cabinets).
Furthermore, Mutevole introduces a new model of basin in solid surface available in different colors, with the same width as the washbasin cabinet thus allowing to avoid the presence of the top.
The collection is completed by a wide range of accessories to organize the internal space of the drawers.

Mutevole is divided into two different lines: Modernariato (vintage flavor), and Contemporaneo (contemporary settings).


The line Mutevole Contemporaneo introduces the wood finish ROVERE CONTEMPORARY (Oak Contemporary), representing exactly the color of natural wood, an effect which is assured by the “0 gloss finish” for a completely matt and natural aspect.
Beside the version in Oak Contemporary, Mutevole Contemporaneo allows to create the furniture totally lacquered (both structure and doors/drawers): the new colors of CONTEMPORANEO fit very well with modern and “minimal” furnishings (Blu Oceano, Grigio Quarzo, Viola Melanzana).
The metal elements are painted in White.


Mutevole Modernariato recalls the “Fifties” taste by introducing the new “warm” wood finish OAK BARRIQUE TOSCANO (a dark aged oak), and metal elements in Anthracite color. In addition to the possibility to have the cabinets completely in wood finish, the line offers the opportunity to produce the doors and the drawers in lacquered finish, in order to create pleasant contrasts and combinations between wood and the new Karol colors (matt or glossy).
The line is completed by a decorative leg in Anthracite metal, element which contributes to emphasize the retro style which is typical of Mutevole Modernariato.