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Urban Chic range gives our customers the opportunity to create their own composition and to organize the internal space of the cabinets with internal fittings and accessories.
The simple and functional structure of the collection is made up of modules measuring 45 and 60 cm in width. Urban Chic includes a wide range of tall units that can be equipped with an internal lighting kit commanded by a sensor, and they constitute a perfect solution when they are recessed into a niche.
The fronts can be made with three different opening types (door, transom door or pull out drawers) and are available in lacquered finish (glossy or mat), wood finish, leather ((natural, white, black, aubergine, red, warm grey and smoke).
The 51 cm deep cabinets can contain internal drawers with make-up storage or with safety lock, as well as a wide range of equipment solutions which are very useful for the bathroom (toothbrush holder, soap holder, general holder, stainless steel basket, hairdryer holder, towel holder and storage trays).

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